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Zap away hordes of birds in this colorful puzzler. You've only got 30 seconds. How many can you clear? And can you clear enough to be the big bird in your town- or even the world?




About Us

Tiny Marble was founded in 2013 by game industry veterans and really nice guys Justin Cooper and Troy Sandal.



Justin Cooper



Prior to co-founding Tiny Marble, Justin was the creative mind and Executive Producer behind Scramble With Friends™ and Running With Friends™ at Zynga™. An early Zynga employee, Justin was involved in the initial designs of many of their top franchises, including Mafia Wars™ and Zynga Poker™. He also designed Zynga’s now-ubiquitous dog logo.


Before joining Zynga, Justin was the long-time Design Director at Pogo.com™, an early internet gaming success story. During his tenure there, he had a hand in the development of many of that site’s biggest games and ground-breaking social features.

Troy Sandal



Troy is the engineering wizard behind Tiny Marble. He is also a Zynga alum. At Zynga, Troy oversaw both the engineering and 3D art teams for the spectacularly successful FarmVille 2™ title and led the diverse engineering effort behind zynga.com, including the player gaming portal, social graph, feed system, real-time chat, Zynga Toolbar and social network API.


Prior to working at Zynga, he managed the WebLogic Workshop 9.0 development team for BEA Systems, Inc.. Earlier in his career, he worked as a core engine developer at Visio, where he spearheaded Internet technology integration.





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